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  • Omen Technology writes software licenses for its more advanced products including ZMODEM-90TM on an individual basis.

  • Professional-YAM

    ("Yet Another Modem")
    Pro-YAM collects, controls, transmits, and secures information with a minimum of time, hassle, and expense. TurboDialTM scripts and timed Outcall Queue provide reliable, unattended high speed communications during off-peak hours, minimizing CPU and phone charges. Don't waste time mousing around needlessly.

    Omen's artificial intelligence TurboLearn Script WriterTM allows non programmers to automate logons and other repetitive procedures. Menu driven applications are easy to write in TurboDialTM.

    Professional-YAM is the only full featured communications program available for PC-DOS, WIN32, Unix, Xenix, SunOS, Linux, VAX/VMS, and OS/2.

    State of the Art File Transfers

    "ZMODEM is the overall winner" -BYTE Magazine

    "Professional-YAM showed the fastest file transfer times"-PC Magazine

    Two decades of communications experience are distilled in Pro-YAM. Pro-YAM transfers files quickly and surely under real world conditions, not just across tabletops. Unsolicited customer testimonials chronicle accurate file transfers under conditions that crash other programs, thanks to Omen Technology's Cybernetic Data RecoveryTM logic enhancements and rigorous stress testing.

    How often has your modem disconnected when you were within a few bytes of finishing a long, expensive file transfer? With ZMODEM-90TM you can resume the transfer from where you were cut off, without wasted time or extra phone charges. If the transfer aborted because you ran out of disk space, ZMODEM can recover from that too!

    ZMODEM transfers files and commands with a user friendly interface. Unlike traditional protocols, only one command or menu choice is needed to transfer files or download commands.

    "Pro-YAM's AutoDownload feature for ZMODEM and Kermit has got me completely addicted."

    ZMODEM protects your data with a 32 bit CRC, five orders of magnitude more accurate than the CRC-16 used by Kermit and other protocols, and billions of times more sensitive than XMODEM checksum. ZMODEM provides high throughput and full integrity with timesharing systems, high speed modems, and packet switched networks. Unlike other protocols, ZMODEM's does not compromise reliability to get high speed.

    Omen Technology's ZMODEM-90TM extensions accelerate transfers and enhance flexibility. Pro-YAM's ZMODEM compression provides spectacular throughput increases on suitable files, significantly faster than other protocols tested with the PC Magazine Compressible Test File.

    Other ZMODEM features include text file translation, selective transfer of modified files, and remote file maintenance (FILE SYNCHRONIZATION). A single command can update an entire directory tree, creating new subdirectories as necessary.

    Security authentication disables Trojan Horse attacks.

    ZMODEM supports world wide operations by preserving the exact file contents and modification date, unaffected by crossing time zones.

    "Here's the simple fact. Zmodem is the state of the art protocol for microcomputers. It's the protocol of choice. Forget the old dogs. It's fast and bullet-proof." -John C. Dvorak, INSIDE TRACK, PC Magazine

    "Without doubt the number one protocol" -Boardwatch Magazine

    Competitors hype their undocumented proprietary protocols; experienced BBS operators know ZMODEM is the only high performance protocol that survives on the streets. ZMODEM's convenience, speed and reliability have made it the protocol of choice for bulletin boards, BIX, GEnie, Portal, Delphi, Unison, and other information utilities.

    XMODEM: Lingua Franca for Legacy Programs

    Pro-YAM supports Ward Christensen's XMODEM protocol with Cybernetic Data RecoveryTM and automatic file name generation. Omen Technology's exclusive Cybernetic Data Recovery transfers files under conditions that crash other programs.

    Kermit: Rx for Brain Damage

    Pro-YAM supports Kermit with all the recent speedups without abandoning support for legacy applications. Convenient Kermit AutoDownload deciphers the sending program's Kermit dialect, saving keystrokes and frustration caused by dialect incompatibilities.

    Swiss Army Knife for Protocols

    Data Capture

    Pro-YAM's Full-Time Capture BufferTM saves scrolled data other programs lose. You can scroll, page, and string search to cut and paste captured information.

    Omen's Error ContainmentTM technology minimizes errors caused by line hits and their effects on automatic scripts.

    Pro-YAM captures text with many choices of parity bit and control character editing. Pro-YAM can capture binary data without protocols. Pro-YAM does not limit the length of captured files.

    TurboDialTM Scripts

    Artificial intelligence TurboLearn Script WriterTM technology brings script writing out of the guru's ivory tower and makes it accessible to non programmers.

    Users who previously lacked the insight or confidence to write communications scripts are using YAM and TurboLearn Script Writer as "training wheels" to bootstrap their programming skills.

    YAM's TurboDialTM script language is the most comprehensive available. The unique ability to act on as many as twenty six events in real time permits real world unattended operation. Real Time pattern matches can trigger an immediate response or set flags that can be tested singly or in combination.

    High level language features include if, while, and on conditions. Detailed debugging output and error traceback speed script checkout. Tests for time, carrier detect, parity errors and unprocessed keyboard and modem input give the programmer control of Pro-YAM's high speed communications functions.

    Strings input from the keyboard, disk files, and the modem can be scanned, parsed, and analyzed with regular expression technology. The results can control script execution or be sent to the screen, disk files, or modem.

    File related script commands check disk free space, file existence and length, and apply script subroutines to wild card filenames.

    Exploiting Advanced Modems

    User customizable dialing scripts fully exploit intelligent modems to provide dialing queues, alternate access numbers, MNP selection, baud rate fallback, and noisy line detection.

    Pro-YAM's plain text Telephone Directory stores system names, port numbers, speeds, automatic logins, and message retrieval scripts, saving up to 400kb disk space per 100 entries.

    Pro-YAM's Outcall Queue- allows unattended scripts to access information and place calls at scheduled intervals. The same modem can accept incoming calls between outgoing calls.

    Controlling Information

    Pro-YAM's Full-Time Capture BufferTM lets you scroll back and forth or search, scanning two hundred messages from bulletin boards in a couple of minutes. (It has to be seen to be believed.) To compose a reply, call your favorite editor (the one you've already learned!) as a subroutine without losing your place.

    Transmitting Information


    In a world where "hacker" means "antisocial", Pro-YAM provides important security benefits.

    Other Features

    User Comments

    "Before, I had said that anyone who can use any scripting program like Xtalk or whatever can use YAM (but there is a whole lot more to yam). Now, I would have to make a correction. Even if a user has never been able to figure out comm programs with scripts, YAM with tlearn now builds your scripts for you. It is easier and more idiot proof than any comm program with script capacity that I have ever used." -Jim Butler

    "Xtalk is not nearly as flexible in its script language as YAM. I do lots of unattended file transfers at night from many different subdirectories on the local machine to various subdirectories on the remote machines. Lots of peculiar things have to happen, e.g., I rename incoming files if a file of the same name already exists, I append incoming data to preexisting log and data files, and so on. I've never dreamed up anything I couldn't get Yam to do. With Xtalk, I always felt I had to work against the program. With YAM, you work *with* it." -David McCune, The Proteus Group

    "Can [other programs] handle regular downloading during your prolonged absence, say 3 weeks?" -Earle Robinson

    "... I have *never* used any communications programs with protocols as bullet proof as those in Pro-YAM. Their implementation is the best I've encountered. Moreover, when dealing with a recalcitrant host (as only a VAX can be, sometimes), I invariably find myself at the command line of Pro-YAM."

    "Under circumstances when *any* other program I've used - with the same protocol - would have tossed in the towel, Pro-YAM hangs in there. ... It's not just the protocol that's the implementation as well.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. When the chips are down, and communications become vital, I'll find myself at the command line of Pro-YAM. Every time.

    With any other program, I'll nervously go back and check the comm window from time to time. Not with ProYAM. I'll set it to run in the background, enable automatic logoff on completion of transfer, and forget about it. And *know* that unless Ma Bell breaks the line completely, I'm going to end up with good downloads.

    There is simply no other communications program I've tried that's in a class with ProYAM. And I've tried most of 'em. -Dave Hoagland

    "One thing I liked about the entire program was its documentation. At last I read something that didn't talk down to me and which wasn't over my head. It quickly explained the program to me and gave complete coverage to all its facets." -Mark Stern, OnModem Magazine

    I use YAM a lot as a "general utility". Specifically, it has the the best "find" I've seen - you can do wildcard filenames, and YAM will scan them all, giving the name and line number of a match.

    YAM, the commo package I use, supports ^W to be "word backspace" while typing. All these things are like oiling fine machinery, or putting a turbo 286 in your PC - they help PRODUCTIVITY. -Ward Christensen

    Ordering Professional-YAM

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