OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse

World’s fastest USB-C® charging gaming mouse.¹
  • Top Down
  • Low rear
  • front cord
  • Rear Left

Lose the wire and nothing else

Let your mouse run free with lightning-quick responses & near-eternal battery life. Escape the maze with wireless lagless latency, up to 180 hours of battery,² world’s fastest USB-C® charging gaming mouse³ and a pro-grade 1ms report rate. Really, we swear it's wireless.

Get incredible battery life

No need to recharge your batteries in the middle of a game. Transcend time barriers and just play—180 hours of battery life will have you keep gaming on-the-go.


30 seconds will get you an hour of battery life⁵ playtime, just in case you forget to charge in your sleep.

Every Battery-Life is an endless story

Nobody can compete with up to 180 hours of battery life,6 not even the measly 168 hour week.

Sharpen your accuracy, aim better

Lock on to accurate tracking with esports-grade PixArt PAW3335 wireless sensor, which supports up to 16,000 DPI. And by the time you max out the lifespan of the Omron switches at 50 million clicks,⁷ your lightning-fast response time might be worshipped in some countries.
Vector mouse


Delivering your every gaming wish, except maybe the unlimited lives one.

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Always get that perfect color scheme. With an RGB spectrum of 16.8 million colors to choose from and animations for days, you can customize the lighting across your OMEN devices any way, any day.

Button assignments

Whether you’re gathering resources to build a warring empire or overwhelming a raid boss with your buds, you can simply bind whatever sequence you need to a single click and the rest is easy.


Make the mouse work just for you or respond differently from game to game. It’s easy to change the CPI settings, macros and polling rate when changing from a shooter to an RPG or strategy game.

The finest features

Keep playing knowing you can rely on a stronger braided cable and easy grip, for a comfortable experience.

Raid with a braid

This burly and braided beauty will get you out of any tangle or snag.

No pain, all gain

Master your technique with a mouse that’s ergonomically engineered to stay on point and keep playing without strain.

Always at hand

There's a secret compartment for your USB receiver on the bottom of the mouse. Incogneato.