Check on your non-gamer friend

Know a non-gamer with next to no chance of succeeding in modern society? Then look no further than Bright Dimensions - a safe haven where ill-equipped individuals can learn the necessary gaming skills to get on the leaderboard of life. Call 1-888-574-OMEN today to learn more.








Everyone thinks they can multitask without losing focus, but blocking out distractions to hone in on your adversary without missing the food delivery ring is gamer level multitask. Here, the postman doesn’t ring twice.

Today you remember the same 3 passwords you use, but with just a couple of hours of gaming you’ll find yourself remembering the correct one on the first try. Days of ‘Forgot your password?’, be gone.

A gamers’ skill that’s a must for all ages: whether you’re pulling all-nighters because you’re a student, a party aficionado, a brand-new parent, a nightly chronic pee-er or you’re simply binging your favorite show, mental stamina is needed to keep you going the next day.

Elevate your reaction time through gaming. No matter how large or small, improving this skill will assure you catch your keys before they fall through the elevator crack or, better yet, you finally catch the mosquito that has been buzzing in your ear all night long.

After exercising your mind through gaming, you’ll finally have the perfect answer to the classic job interview question ‘if you could be an animal, which one would you be?’. Let your imagination fly...but remember, not everyone knows what a Man-Serpent is.

If you put the ice-cream in the cart first, it’ll melt. If you put it last, you might be in a rush and forget. How’s this relevant? In gaming, every split-second decision can directly affect your performance and could cost you a life. IRL, it could cost you skipping the frozen aisle and having to resort to that healthy chocolate you once bought when you were on a health-kick - there are no winners there.

Meeting new friends is not hard when you game. Nothing bonds two people faster than a shared passion to break the record of that superb gamer who’s always on top of the leaderboard.


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