Your Lighting, Your Way.

OMEN Light Studio UI screen
Customize and control all your gaming PC RGB lighting in one place with 16.8M colors, synchronized across your HP devices and select 3rd party devices in OMEN Light Studio on OMEN Gaming Hub.

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What is the difference between lighting settings in OMEN Gaming Hub vs OMEN Light Studio?

OMEN Gaming Hub offers basic lighting functions for each individual device separately. With OMEN Light Studio, all of your devices are in one view; you can create lighting effects that run across multiple devices, customize freely different zones for each effect, and create sophisticated layered lighting effects.

Is OMEN Gaming Hub required to run OMEN Light Studio?

Yes, OMEN Gaming Hub needs to be installed in order to be able to run OMEN Light Studio. The devices and core app functionality still need the OMEN Gaming Hub background process to be able to work.

Why can’t I find or download OMEN Light Studio in OMEN Gaming Hub?

You may not have hardware that is supported by OMEN Light Studio, therefore the link from the OMEN Gaming Hub homepage is hidden. Please check the Supported Devices for a list of compatible devices.

Why can't I assign different colors per key?

It may be because you have a 4-zone RGB keyboard and not a per-key RGB keyboard.

Why isn't my keyboard on my laptop shown in OMEN Light Studio?

You may not have an RGB enabled keyboard built-in, and have a basic backlit keyboard.

Why are some devices supported in OMEN Gaming Hub and not in OMEN Light Studio?

Some devices may support basic lighting functions but not have full RGB capability. Some devices, especially older devices do not have the performance capability to support the advanced functions of OMEN Light Studio.

Does OMEN Light Studio work with Profiles?

Yes, OMEN Light Studio utilizes the profiles created and managed in OMEN Gaming Hub. Like OMEN Gaming Hub, HP account login is required. Please note that profiles Cloud Sync is not available for OMEN Light Studio.

Will OMEN Light Studio consume more system resources?

OMEN Light Studio animation effects are software-driven, it is expected that it will take up some CPU usage while animations are running. Some effects may take up more CPU usage than others, for example, Ambient effect and Interactive effect require real-time calculation, and may take up more system resources than a Static or Wave effect.

Can I configure more than one effect per layer?

No, by design each layer consists of one set of selected lighting zones and one effect type. The idea is to create multiple layers of effects to create complex and unique lighting schemes across your devices.

How many layers can I create?

There are no limits to how many layers you can create, but of course the more layers you create the more CPU and memory the app may consume.

Why can't I use the interactive effect?

Interactive effects only work on keyboards with per key RGB capability.


        -     OMEN Outpost
        -     OMEN Photon
        -     OMEN Vector
        -     OMEN Vector Essential
        -     OMEN Vector Wireless

        -    OMEN Sequencer

        -    HP Gaming Speakers X1000

Notebooks (Keyboards – 4-zone and per-key RGB):   
        -    OMEN 15 Laptop (Intel model)
        -    OMEN 15 Laptop (AMD model)
        -    OMEN 15 Laptop (2019 model)
        -    OMEN 15 Laptop (2018 model)
        -    OMEN 17 Laptop (2019 model)
        -    OMEN 16 Laptop (Intel model)
        -    OMEN 16 Laptop (AMD model)
        -    OMEN 17 (2021 model)
        -    HP ZBook

Desktops (Chassis):
        -    OMEN Obelisk
        -    OMEN 25L Desktop (AMD model)
        -    OMEN 25L Desktop (Intel model)
        -    OMEN 30L Desktop (AMD model)
        -    OMEN 30L Desktop (Intel model)
        -    OMEN 25L Desktop (2022) 
        -    OMEN 40L Desktop
        -    OMEN 45L Desktop

    -    OMEN 27u 4K Gaming Monitor

3rd Party Devices:
        -    Mouse:
        -    Razer DeathAdder Elite
        -    Razer Basilisk Ultimate
        -    Razer Naga Trinity
        -    Razer DeathAdder V2
        -    Razer MambaElite V2
        -    Logitech G502 SE Hero
        -    Logitech G203
        -    Logitech G403

Philips Hue (V2 Bridge and above only)
        -    Go portable light
        -    Bloom table lamp
        -    Iris table lamp
        -    Play light bar
        -    Lightstrip Plus
        -    Lightstrip Outdoor
        -    Lily Outdoor spot light
        -    Calla Outdoor bollard
        -    Downlight 4 inch
        -    Downlight 5/6 in
        -    A19 E26
        -    BR30 E26
        -    GU10
        -    E12


        -    Strings RGB
        -    Cluster RGB
        -    Flex
        -    Line
        -    Curtain RGB
        -    Icicle RGB