A virtual room for you and your friends to play together. Hang out together. Talk trash together. Battle together. All with less lag and more FPS. Download OASIS LIVE on OMEN Gaming Hub and try out the beta today.



How many people can be in an OMEN OASIS LIVE party?

16, including the host.

What if I want to have more than 16 people in the party?

Currently, if there are already 16 people in the party, someone must leave the party for another person to be added.

Why can’t I invite people?

You must be the host (that is, the person who initiated the session) to invite people.

Why can't I get into the party room?

The host must accept you from the waiting room.

Why can't I share my game?

Only one person can share at a time. You must be logged in to share a game.

Is there any limitation on the content to share?

OASIS LIVE was made to share gameplay with your friends, and you can share any content from your PC. However, you are fully responsible for what you share. Remember to read the full terms of service and community rules  in the lower-left corner of the app to make sure you are not sharing any illicit content.

How do I adjust my speaker audio?

Clicking the 3-dot menu beside the speaker icon  allows you to adjust the overall chat volume. When someone else is streaming, you can also adjust the game volume via this menu. To adjust individual users’ audio, you can click on the 3-menu next to their name in the Participants section.

Why can't people see or hear me?

There are several reasons other people might not be able to see or hear you. Make sure that your system is configured properly.

- You must share your camera.

- You must unmute.

- You must select the device that you are currently using (it defaults to your Windows default device).

- Make sure that you are not already sharing your camera in another app.

- You must be logged off of corporate networks and VPNs to share. 

Do you need OMEN Gaming Hub to use OMEN OASIS LIVE?

Yes, OMEN OASIS LIVE shares services with OMEN Gaming Hub. OMEN OASIS LIVE is a part of the suite of OMEN Gaming Hub experiences. You can close OMEN Gaming Hub while you use OMEN OASIS LIVE, but you cannot uninstall OMEN Gaming Hub and still use OMEN OASIS LIVE.

Do I need an account to use OMEN OASIS LIVE? How do I log in?

Yes, you will need to sign up for an HP account, if you do not have one already, or register with your Facebook/Google account.

If you are not prompted to log in initially, click the Account icon  in the upper-right corner and enter the required information. A Gamer Handle is required to use OMEN OASIS LIVE.

Are there any requirements to download OASIS LIVE?

In order to download OMEN Gaming Hub (and OASIS LIVE), you need to have Windows 10 and, at minimum, Windows version 1903 (aka 19H1, May 2019 Update, build 18362, released May 21, 2019).

- To check your Windows version: Start > type “winver” in the Search box > OK. If your OS Build number is less than 18362, you will not be able to install OMEN Gaming Hub.

- If your system does not automatically update, you can check and download the latest update by selecting: Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Windows Update > Check for updates.

Are there any recommended PC configurations to use OASIS LIVE?

- GPU – NVIDIA discrete graphics GeForce GTX 1060 or higher, or RTX
- CPU – Intel i5, i7, or i9 6th Generation (Skylake) or higher, 4 cores or more
- CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 or higher, 4 cores or more
- Memory – 8GB RAM minimum; 16GB or more recommended

- CPU – Intel Pentium or higher
- CPU – AMD Athlon 3000 series or higher
- Memory – 4GB or higher

Internet Connection:
You and others in your OASIS LIVE watch party must have a stable, high-speed internet connection with available bandwidth for a smooth and clear streaming experience.
Recommended minimums:
- 4mbps download or higher
- 4mbps upload or higher
- 30ms ping or lower

How do I send feature requests?

In the OASIS LIVE app, there is a Feedback icon  in the lower-left corner. Select “Feedback” from the dropdown and complete the email with any requests you have.

How do I report bugs?

In the OASIS LIVE app, there is a Feedback icon  in the lower-left corner. Select “Issue” from the dropdown and check the box to automatically attach your logs. Then, complete the email with any additional details.

You can also email with the title “OASIS LIVE Beta Support Request”. Include a description and screenshot of your technical issue, and we will follow up with you shortly.

How do I report someone for offensive behavior or posting inappropriate content?

In the OASIS LIVE app, there is a Feedback icon  in the lower-left corner. Select “Report” from the dropdown and complete the email with the user’s information. 



Clean connection, clear audio, a smoother stream, and friends all add up to make one heck of a good time.

Specifications may vary depending on configuration.

You + Up To 15 Friends

48 kHz / 16-bit audio @ 80 Kbps

Sounds infinitely better
30 FPS
Smoother stream